video on underage drinking explores risks

WINDSOR COUNTY, Vt.— Presented by Windsor County START (Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team), this in-depth video contains invaluable information on the risks associated with underage drinking. Parents and teens, click here to watch it on YouTube!

Helpful Resources for Parents

Parent Up: Help reduce underage drinking in Vermont

Guiding Good Choices: Check out this parenting workshop, held locally and facilitated by MAPP

Windsor County Partners: Mentors for Youth

Parents: The Anti-Drug: Advice on bridging the generation gap and forums to connect with other parents

Windsor Connection Resource Center: Located in downtown Windsor, the Windsor Connection Resource Center offers community members easy access to health and human services providers and information.

Get Smart About Drugs: A DEA resource for parents

Children Now: Learn to talk with your kids about tough issues, before everyone else does

Time to Talk: Tips to help you have ongoing conversations with your kids to keep them alcohol- and drug-free

Activity Generator: Check out Search Institute's fun and easy ways to connect with kids
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