About the WCRC

1 Railroad Plaza, Windsor, VT 05089 • 802.674.2900

Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. • Monday-Friday

The Windsor Connection Resource Center is the hub of community health and social services outreach in the greater Windsor area. The center provides convenient meeting space for providers and their clients, including conference rooms and offices for one-on-one counseling. In addition, the center offers a free computer lab and phone, access to a fax machine and copier, community bulletin board, and service coordinators to help point visitors in the right direction. 

Service Providers

We all need help sometimes. That is why the Windsor Connection Resource Center strives
to put all of the “help” under one roof, conveniently located in downtown Windsor. Our service providers travel from throughout southeastern Vermont to meet with community members to help them manage a variety of life issues, ranging from housing assistance to mental health counseling.

The following agencies regularly meet with clients at the WCRC:

• Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA)
• Vermont Adult Learning
• VABIR (employment services)
• Department of Corrections
• Economic Services (State of Vermont)
• Health Care & Rehabilitation Services (HCRS)
• Department of Labor
• Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Windsor Connection Resource Center and its providers are committed to serving the community. For more information, call 802.674.2900 or click here to download the WCRC resource manual.

Resource Manual

Download a copy of the Consumer’s Guide to Substance Use Treatment by clicking on the link below:
PDF-downloadConsumer’s Guide to Substance Use Treatment

Tour the WCRC

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A Message
from PATCH

"The Windsor Connection Resource Center was founded out of a desire to better serve the community by bringing together services and programs to assist and enrich the lives of its citizens. The Resource Center brings kind and caring professionals together, via the PATCH team, to serve individuals and families in such areas as education, job training, counseling, economic services, housing, fuel assistance and tax preparation, to name a few. 

The service providers band together to maximize care for the community by preventing duplication of services and making current resources stretch to reach more people. Having the Resource Center in Windsor decreases the transportation problems that existed in the past when people had to travel to Springfield or Hartford to access services.

The Resource Center is a warm and welcoming place. You are welcome at the Resource Center, to either bring your talents and skills to serve the community or to use the services offered."

~ Jill M. Lord, RN, MS
Chairwoman, PATCH

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