Prescription Drug Return

Don't be an accidental dealer. Click the photo below to find a MedReturn Drug Collection Unit near you.

Rx Disposal Tips


Mix Liquids with kitty litter or coffee grounds. Put mixture in sealable plastic bag and put in trash. You can not bring liquids to and Rx drop box.

Needles and Sharps:
If you do not have an FDA-approved container, place needles and sharps in an empty laundry detergent bottle. Label the bottle "Do Not Recycle" and store in safe location out of a child's reach. When bottle is full secure lid with heavy tape and put in the trash. Needles and sharps can not be put in Rx drop boxes.
Every Day is a Drug Take Back Day!
70% of people aged 12 and older who misuse prescription drugs get them from a family member or friend. Misuse and abuse of prescription medicines can be harmful, and even deadly.

Be Aware Don't Share.
Prescription drugs can be dangerous at any dose. Even over the counter and herbal medications can be fatal if misused, combined with certain other medications or taken by some one with an allergy to the medication. Keep all medications in a secure location out of child's reach. Safely dispose of old and used medications in an Rx drop box.

Simple Ways to Prevent Rx Drug Misuse
1. Talk with your family, friends and children about the dangers of Rx drug misuse.
2. Keep medications in a secure location out of reach of children.
3. Safely dispose of Rx medications at Rx collection units. 
4. Keep track of your medications, how much you have left of each medication and their expiration dates.
5. Never share your prescriptions and only take medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Help Keep our Natural Resources and WaterWays Clean.
Properly disposing prescription medication helps protect our environment. Prescription medications that are flushed, poured down the drain or disposed of in household trash often find their way into our nation's waterways. Many water treatment plants and septic tanks have not been designed to remove chemicals found in medications. The introduction of these chemicals to our waterways can cause negative health effects to humans, animals and marine life. 

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